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Roofline and Cladding

Replacing the roofline timbers and cladding on your house can give it a real face lift. As well as looking good, it can also help protect your property and prevent expensive repairs in the long term. As with most jobs there are right and wrong ways to carry out this work, poorly replaced roofline can, in some cases, cause more harm than good.

At Ultimate Home Improvements we take great pride in our work and we will only use the best materials and building practices when replacing fascias, soffits, gutters, downpipes and cladding for customers from Colchester, Ipswich, Chelmsford and all surrounding areas. If you would like to discuss replacement of your roofline or cladding, contact us today and we will arrange a no obligation visit.

Features & Benefits

Contemporary Appearance

All of our fascias, soffits, guttering and cladding options have been manufactured to meet modern styling. This means that they are sure to be a seamless addition, complementing appearance whilst offering outstanding quality.

High Performance

Designed to protect your home from even the most adverse British weather, all of our roofline and cladding options achieve outstanding performance across the board. This means you can enhance your home with complete peace of mind.

Low Maintenance

Utilising all the benefits of modern materials, the roofline and cladding that we offer requires very little maintenance to keep their pristine appearance and high standards of performance. They are sure to be a worthwhile addition to any home.

Highly Durable

A premium standard build allows our roofline and cladding options to achieve an impressive level of structural integrity. This means that they won’t rot, warp or crack over time, delivering exceptional quality that is set to last.

Colour Match

To ensure a completely seamless, eye-catching appearance, we are able to offer colour matching across our roofline and cladding products. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy a consistent aesthetic that is sure to complement any home.

Bespoke Fit

A member of our expert team will be able to ensure you get the perfect fit for your home. This allows these home improvement solutions to perform to the standards that they are supposed to. You won’t have to settle for less.

Fascias, Soffits and Guttering

Fascias are fixed directly to the roof trusses, supporting the lower edge of the tiles and roofline to offer essential protection of your home. As this section also carries the guttering, it needs to uphold a high degree of inherent strength. All of our fascias are designed to offer exceptional standards throughout.

Maintaining the aesthetic of your home, soffits are fitted underneath the fascias to create a neat and tidy finish. This is the section that is seen from floor level, which is why they are fitted for a consistent appearance. They are also vented, allowing for adequate airflow to prevent dampness or mould.

Guttering stands as a heavy duty roofline feature, channelling the water away from your roof to prevent damage. When supported by our high performance fascias, our guttering systems are able to withstand large volume of rain. You’ll be able to bring a new addition to your home that is set to perform.

Hardiplank Fibre Cladding

HardiPlank is a fibre cement cladding which means that it is a combination of cellulose fibres along with cement-like materials. In other words, it is partly wood, partly cement. Break a piece of HardiPlank and inside you will see a brittle core interlaced with wood fibres. A fire and insect resistant cladding, Hardiplank can be the ideal product for protecting your home.

HardiPlank has strong ‘green’ credentials, the cellulose fibres that are used in HardiPlank do not come from endangered species of wood. The cement and sand used is certainly in great abundance, and no toxic materials are used in its production. Hardiplank has an expected lifespan of over 50 years which adds to its appeal and indeed green credentials.

The installation of Hardiplank is a specialised job, mistakes in the installation can be costly and have structural consequences for your home. Ultimate Home Improvements are specialist Hardiplank installers and offer a full supply and installation service, working closely with you to ensure your roofline and cladding is fitted professionally and reliably.

Roofline and Cladding Prices

Get in touch with us via our online contact form to benefit from our competitive roofline and cladding prices. A member of our friendly team will be on hand to help you get a price that is based on your exact specifications for a cost-effective price.

You can also get in touch with us via this method if you have any questions or queries about our roofline and cladding options. We pride ourselves on offering a customer service that has been refined to deliver satisfaction at every step of the process.

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